Everything is Alright

During the difficult stages of my life, I've been very fortunate to have been surrounded by supportive people.  In every tribulation, various people have told me that it'll be okay.  Although at those times, I (respectfully) completely disagreed, they turned out to be right: everything turned out alright.

I wonder if they knew it or were just being encouraging; maybe both.  I'm thankful for them being there.  I probably wouldn't be who I am right now without them.

The problems of my past are better now.  Some are long solved and others I learned to manage.  People were right back then.  Things turned out to be alright.

If everything will always be alright, and the future always turns into the present, then that means everything is already alright. We just need to see it that way.

Now I can faithfully say that everything is alright.  I trust that my present issues will be fine in the future. I take comfort in knowing that everything is where it needs to be now in order to be fine in the future.  Healing and progress is a process.

Time makes everything alright.


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