Dear Friend: "Don't Lose Hope on Love"

Dear Friend,

I know you're feeling heartbroken right now.  I'm sure it sucks. Maybe it feels like it 'a all hopeless. I want to tell you that it's perfectly fine and normal to feel this way, but don't lose hope. 

The reason you're still single is because you haven't found who you're supposed to be with yet. Until then, a bachelorette you will remain. 

Maybe you're not ready.  You could possibly not be emotionally or mentally ready to let someone into your life…and if that's so, it's okay.  People need to heal.  Often people forget that healing takes time.

People have disappointed you, but someone will surprise you.  This person will show you the intrinsic beauty of the human spirit.  This will be the person who will be given the honor of your love.

There will be someone for you.  It probably is the hardest thing to believe right now, but that is how it is.  There may be a few or a lot more "Mr. Maybes" down the road, but that's all part of the process.  Finding someone worthy of you will take time.

This is going to be a fun, emotionally intense, and a definitely worthwhile journey.  Always remember that I'm here for you every inch along the way.



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