Why Free Time isn't Free

Time is ridiculously precious, especially free time. Free time isn't always necessarily free; many people make it. They work to organize their day and tasks in order to reserve time for what is really important. 

It could be time for a nice walk in the daytime sun, a nap, an extra conversation with a a friend, or lending an ear to someone who needs you to listen. What matters to us is worthy enough to make time for it. 

Back in college I had a friend who I only hung out with twice. When we first met at a mutual friend's party, we got along really well. Unfortunately, we didn't really hang out much because he was always "busy." He said we'd hang out when he was less busy. Being the youth I was, I accepted it and waited. At that point, I learned a very valuable life lesson. 

People are always going to be busy. We will always have school, work, appointments, etc to suck up our free time. If he really wanted to hang out with me, he would've made it a priority and made time for me. That is why time management is an important skill that we all need to have. 

Free time is made by planning, prioritizing, and hard work.  Having the ability to make time for what really is important in our lives is a crucial life skill for us to lead nourished lives. 

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