The River Song of Doctor John Smith

Let us go, You and I,
We'll travel in the blue box in the sky. 
We'll play, dance, and swim
intimately into the deepest parts
of each other's soul. 

Everything is where We shall go,
even the place where 
people are discussing Van Gogh. 

Our love is like water;
ever flowing and raging on. 
It has no permanent form,
forever changing. 

Our love is less;
and endless. 

We're limited on time, 
but there will always will be time
for Us. 
The time I make is the time We share 
which is priceless beyond compare. 

Together you and I,
logical existence We defy...

So do I dare disturb the universe?
...Yes I do!
I dare defy destiny!
I dare defy time!

More of an moment 
I will make infinite.
I do not want to exist
without You in it.


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