The Astonishing Resiliency of the Human Heart

"How many times can the heart break before it finally stops beating?" That question was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine a couple days ago.  I knew it was a rhetorical question, possibly to express herself emotionally, but I felt compelled to respond.

My response was, "Literally, an infinite amount of times.  The heart can take all the pain it needs to go through as long as there is a will to move forward."

When people are hurt emotionally, I know it feels as if their heart hurts physically.  But there are people who have the courage to endure whatever life throws at them because they need to, want to, or both.

It comes from an internal determination to thrive.  When I was heartbroken in the past, I felt like everything was hopeless, but it really wasn't.  I endured.  Life kept going.

Whenever I see people who overcome challenging situations by pure courage, it deeply inspires me.  A person who decides to leave an abusive relationship for her/his own sake.  Parents who willingly work long hours (sometimes at multiple jobs) for the well being of their children.  Teachers who choose to try to change lives in the poorest areas of the world.  Service workers who run toward the danger.  These people have hearts with astounding courage.


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