That Wonderful Feeling of Being at Home

It's good to be home. After a five day work week (hour-long commutes and all), it's nice to come home to a place to just be the personal me, not the employee version of me. 

For the weekend, I get a little mental freedom. I don't have to think about checking office emails, making business phone calls, or my piles of paperwork. I just get to think about enjoying my time being at home. 

Home is where I can sit on the couch and watch a show or movie that I choose, even if it's something mentally unstimulating, but comically entertaining. 

This is what I look forward to. Even if I come home to toddler toys all over the floor or the occasional pile of dishes in the sink, it's home. It's where my family and Iive, play, and love. There is absolutely no other place like it.


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