Stressed? This May Help (even without a prescription)

In today's fast paced, 24-hour plugged in online, multitasking glorified society, meditation is an important and almost forgotten practice. Studies have shown that meditation makes us happier, less stressed, and even reduce physical chronic pain. 

Sometimes, what I want more than anything is some quiet time to think. The beautiful thing about meditation is that it doesn't require much. For me, just a few minutes here and there are enough. 

Whenever I meditate, it's a process. At first, I think about whatever is currently on my mind. Then I think about how I can resolve it. I mentally plan when I will send those e-mails, make those phone calls, or attack (figuratively) my to-do list. There is peace of mind in knowing that what needs to be taken care of will be taken care of. 

Next I reflect. I think about anything and everything. Is there something I forgot to take care of? Is there someone I've been ignoring that I should talk to? Whatever comes to mind gets worked though (or at least I try as much as possible to) by an internal dialogue with myself. I try to be as honest with myself as possible. Did I really try my best today? Why am I procrastinating? What can I do to make tomorrow better?

Sometimes taking some time for ourselves to mentally calm down during our daily lives is the most important thing to do. 


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