HOPE Daringly Defined

Hope is this silly little thing that makes things happen. It is the armor of people in the face of fear. It is the spark that ignites a movement.

Hope decimates the word "impossible." The idea of impossible is a human-made concept that puts limits to our potential. It handicaps our imagination in a dissolving manner. 

Not many people realize the true power of hope. Hope is a beautiful thing that transforms reality through visionary dreams. It keeps us moving forward no matter what. Where there is hope, there is life. 

Hope isn't a physical thing, but it can be given. It can be shared. It can be held onto. 

Hope is necessary. It's needed more now than ever. It's always needed in the present since it's almost useless to hope for the past. Hope applied now transforms the future. 

Hope is what makes this world wonderful. It allows us to see what is possible. It shows us the inherent good in everything. 

My hope for this world is that there will be more hope in more hearts today than there was yesterday. 

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