A Tribute to Silence

Silence is a special kind of peacefulness. It's physical, mental, and personal peace.

It exhibits calmness (not calamity). It's a golden treasure that allows the mind to sparkle. Silence helps rejuvenate the brain. During silence I get to work out my thoughts and let lingering conundrums work themselves away.  This is when I get to slowly melt my stress away.

Silence is soothing; it lets me relax. It's much needed when my life seems overwhelming with a non-stop schedule and an overflowing to-do list. Silence makes me feel like for a moment, this fast paced ever changing world pauses just for me.

It also lets me observe my surroundings.  By standing still, I get an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the environment around me.

Being silent allows me to reflect. It let's me examine my day, my life so far, and myself. How did I spend my time today? Who do I need to talk to? What can I do to make tomorrow brighter?

Maybe most of all, silence lets me appreciate what my life currently is. Everything in my life is a result of my previous thoughts and actions. Nothing is a coincidence. My life is a beautiful mix of delights, downfalls, and daydreams. Silence reminds me of all this. 

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