Why I Really Need to Eat Healthier

For the last few years, I've been trying to eat healthier than I have before.  Up until lately, I haven't been a fan of vegetables or salads. Now I've put more effort into eating more whole grains reduced how much frozen and canned foods I consume, and eat as freshly as possible. I try to cook as many healthy meals as I can (I'll admit, it's hard with a busy schedule). By no means am I perfect; I still have a long way too go.

Part of my motivation is to live a healthy life.  I want to live long, grow old with my wife, and watch our kids grow throughout their lives. And in my old age, I'd like to feel great without being affected by preventable illnesses. 

As a dad, I want only the best for my kids, which means I want them to eat the healthiest food available so it can help them be the healthiest they can. Usually, whatever my wife and I eat our son and little bun in the oven eat also. In a way, it keeps us motivated to eat healthy. But once in a while, we enjoy snacking on chips, soda, and candy. 

I feel a little guilty eating this stuff because I know it's not that good for me, but also because my son sometimes wants to try it. When I refuse to give it to him I feel like a hypocrite. Sometimes I even try to hide the fact that I'm eating the snacks when he's around. 

I know I need to set a good example. It's what I need to do in order to be a good role model. For the well-being of my family and myself, I need to step up by choosing to eat better and have the discipline to consistently make it a life-long habit. 

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