What Happens in the Blink of an Eye

With my eyes, I see the world right in front of me.  In fact, that's the only way I've actually SEEN the world.  With my own two eyes I've explored the realm around me, met strangers that turned into friends, and pieced together the puzzles that have come before.

I remember being at my 5th birthday party. After what seemed like a blink, it was my 6th birthday party. Time flew by quickly as a kid, but it seems to soar so much faster now.

Blink. I'm in elementary school. Blink.  I'm in junior high.  Blink.  I'm in high school learning how to drive and thinking about college.


I'm in college trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.  I'm faced with an uncertain future.  This is a weird life stage to be in and it seems as if the uncertainty will last forever.


My friends from Life Stage A I see far less.  I want to see them more, but things seem to keep getting in the way.  Life Stage B friends are great company.  We have similar interests, values, and goals. Blink.

Life Stage C has fewer friends, a smaller mix of stages A and B, and it's perfectly fine. Blink.

I'm in the career I always wanted.  It happened faster than I thought.  I guess hard work does pay off. 


I'm a family man: a spouse, kids, and a home of my own.  Who knew? Blink.  More and more of my friends are getting married, having kids, and leading fantastic lives.  When did all that happen?

Life happens way too quickly.  Everything happens faster than the blink of an eye.  Sometimes I wish I could hold on a little bit longer.  Maybe I could freeze a moment, you know, the significant ones.  But it doesn't work that way.  I guess I'm just going to have to keep my eyes open and focus on everything that truly matters.

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