To My Toddler: "Enjoy Being a Kid"

To My Two Year Old Toddler:

I know you can't read this yet, but this really needs to be said: enjoy being a kid.  Enjoy the toys, nap times, being pushed around in a stroller, and not having to worry about paying bills.  Enjoy throwing balls everywhere, coloring outside the lines (or even not on paper), and playing make believe. Go ahead, dare to count the stars.  Delight in the innocence of youth.

Don't be in a hurry to grow up.  Dating can wait. So can prom. You don't need your driver's license just yet.  You have the rest of your life to be grown up, but you're only two once.  Enjoy it, even if you probably won't remember it.

Play all you can.  Right now, playing is everything.  Play in the dirt, get messy. Life is full of messy experiences anyway. People learn by doing.  They learn from trying.  If they make mistakes, they learn from that too.

Learn all you can about life; the earlier the better.  The more you know the better.  The more you've seen, the more you've tried, and the more you have experienced, the better.  Try what you can. Let your curiosity fly free. Let your imagination run wild because the younger you are, the more pure it is.

You have my permission to be silly; unapologetically silly.  It's the best time of your life to be so.  Don't worry about what other people think.  That's an important lesson many people take a long time to really learn, and it's usually the hard way.

There will be many more adventures ahead, guaranteed.  Your life will be an epic roller coaster ride.  But for now, revel in who you are.



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