If My Next Child is a Girl...

In about four and a half months, in going to be the father of another beautiful human being. I'm ecstatically excited and right now I'm mentally preparing myself for the new transition in my life.

I don't yet know what the sex is yet. There is a 50 percent chance it'll be a boy and a 1 out of 2 chance (obviously) that it'll be a girl. I'll be happy either way it turns out, I'm just hoping that s/he will be born healthy. 

If she does turn out to he a girl, I have a lot of high hopes for her. I want her to embody the best characteristics of strong women I know. I want her to exemplify what makes my wife and mom shine. They are amazing women and I want my daughter to follow in their footsteps. 

As a woman in this world, she would know exactly how much she is worth: immeasurably  priceless. Her worth isn't dependent on her beauty, her income, or how much her significant other makes. She doesn't have to be "manly" in order to be successful in the world, just true to her womanly self. 

She can be whoever she wants to be. If she wants to be a mechanic, doctor, or President of the United States, she can damn very well be. 

She can be as successful as she dares to be. She can have the life she chooses to lead. She can have all that and more, knowing her dad will be supporting her 100%.

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