How To Fight the Inner Zombie

Last night I felt like I was on an episode of The Walking Dead. After a long week, I felt like I was in an endless state of mental and physical fatigue. I'm a parent of a two year old toddler. I work hard at work. I commute a road trip length odyssey every weekday. I help out a lot at home by doing whatever I can whenever I can. I cook, clean (yes, even the dishes), help with all the chores relating to my little mini-me, and try to sneak in errands somewhere in between.

I was so tired that I felt like my life force was being sucked right out of me. I felt mentally cloudy. I didn't feel as focused as I usually do, so it took a lot more effort and time to get tasks done. I didn't feel like my 100% self. I was becoming a mindless "walker."

Luckily right now I feel wonderfully human again. Last night I let myself sleep early to rejuvenate myself. Right before that I allowed myself to feel whatever range of emotions I was feeling. I was tired, frustrated, and maybe a little irritated. Recognizing that instead of bottling it in grounded the human side of me. This morning I made a little time for myself and reflected. Doing that helped my schedule feel not so overwhelming. Also, I treated myself just because I felt like I deserved it. I made myself a cup of freshly French pressed coffee. It was delicious and it made the my morning just a little better. 

I know that in each and every one of us, especially myself, contain the potential of an angry soul-sucking zombie coming out. Hopefully I'll always be able to keep it from eating my brains out. 

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