How Can Shirts Help End Human Trafficking?

When people act selflessly for a cause greater than themselves, it’s deeply inspiring. Jordan and Jake, the founders of DRVN (pronounced “driven”), created a way to combat the global issue of human trafficking. DRVN is more than just a clothing company, it’s a part of a movement. Started in Summer 2013, DRVN both raises awareness of the massive injustice of human trafficking while simultaneously raising funds for its partnering organizations who directly deal with the cause.
The idea for DRVN started with Jordan’s motivation to do something about human trafficking. A few years ago, his friends went to South Africa, to personally contribute their efforts, but Jordan had to stay back. Even though he couldn’t be with his friends, he decided to do something about it here in the United States.
Along with his friend Jake, Jordan decided to just go for it. They started DRVN to both spread awareness and raise funds for organizations that fight against human trafficking. They designed and produced shirts. They launched the DRVN website. They did whatever they needed to do to get DRVN out and into the marketplace. 15% of all the profits would be given to organizations that fight human trafficking. And almost most significantly, every marketing campaign, every shirt sold/worn, every time someone connects to DRVN online spreads awareness.
Besides wearing DRVN apparel, there are plenty of ways anyone can get involved. Jordan’s top recommendation is getting educated. Another recommendation is watching the documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls. The more people know, the more can be done.
Since there are a growing amount of organizations that are working towards ending human trafficking, another great way to get involved is to find an organization near you and look for volunteer opportunities. (Finding one is actually as easy as doing a Google search.)
DRVN is Jordan’s personal and passionate way of participating in the movement .
For more information on DRVN, check out their online store or like them on Facebook.

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