Dear Friend: Congratulations on Your Engagement!

Dear Friend,

Guess what? You now officially have a fiancé, and your fiancé has one too. Congratulations! Enjoy the blissful high that comes with entering the next level in your relationship and a new stage in your life. 

This is the stage where you and your future spouse get to mentally, emotionally, and financially prepare for your life together. When you're married, your life won't be all about you anymore, it'll be about the both of you. Your engagement is the time to shift to that mentality. It's also time to discuss finances, where to live, where to spend holidays, and the type of bread you'll end up buying. You've both made the active choice to share every trial and triumph that are headed your way; good luck!

Being in love is a beautiful thing. You are fortunate enough to find it. Treasure it, nurture it, and remember that all great relationships require effort. 

It's not that hard to be in a great relationship, but it's not effortless.  I constantly make an effort to consistently show my spouse how much I love her. At times, I have to stretch myself to support her in any way she needs me. Sometimes it's hard (especially after I'm tired from a long day), but I gladly do it. It's all part of being in a successful marriage. 

I'm so happy and excited for you. You have all my love and support. May you live in the delight of love. 



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