Boldly Be UnBored

Boredom plays a sick game with the mind.  It makes everything numb, cloudy, and dull.  The human brain wasn't built for this; it was meant for so much more.

The mind craves to be challenged.  It yearns to be fulfilled.  It wants to exercise and expand.  It craves to be stretched in directions it hasn't twisted in before.

If boredom is the state of mind that melts away sanity, then mental engagement brings enlightenment.  Maybe that's why people want to be engaged at school, work, and at home.  As human beings we move to be engaged with not just others, but also ourselves.

At times, boredom can induce creativity.  It's the brain trying to save itself from drowning. In retrospect, some of my best ideas came from being brutally bored out of my mind.

Life is too short to spend any time of it being bored.  Actively think. Wonder. Imagine.  Thinking freely adds sparkles and colors to life.

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