Why Slow Progress is Still Great Progress

Sometimes it's really easy to forget that slow movement is still progression.  It's understandable to get frustrated with not being where we want to be right now.  For those times, here is something to remember: just because we're not there yet, it doesn't mean that we'll never get there eventually.

When I first started college, I had a hard time adjusting to the new transition.  After finding out that my initial major (Computer Science) truly wasn't for me, I felt hopelessly lost. My life plan of studying computers and making a lot of money afterwards was no longer an option.  I had no Plan B; I never thought I'd need one.  I didn't know what else I wanted to study. Consequently, I lost my vision, passion, and drive.  I remember thinking of college graduation as some far-fetched dream.

Fortunately, I found a major (Sociology) that I was passionate about.  Studying the complexities of society opened my eyes to the whole world and made me think about it in ways that most people don't. I was blessed to have professors that mentored me into the scholar I am today.  It wasn't easy, but it was totally worth it.  It took me longer than four years to finish, but I eventually did.

In the long run, finishing college was more important than finishing in four years.  Graduating opened up doors of opportunity throughout my entire career.  Taking longer to graduate wasn't much of an issue; not graduating would have been a huge issue.  

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