Why Being Focused Truly Matters

Nowadays, it's extraordinarily easy to be distracted. Smartphone addiction, endless advertisements, and the growing number of digital screens make it tough to focus on what needs our attention. There are many times I've caught myself peering at my phone checking news, status updates, and emails. I imagine that I would be way more distracted if I started playing Candy Crush Saga (thank goodness I haven't).

Being distracted can be costly. It can make our perspective on priorities blurry. It can loosen connections with loved ones. Distractions prevent us from authentically enjoying the abundant wonders life holds right in front of our eyes. 

For some reason, I always feel like I'm in some sort of life transition. Maybe I am. Right now, my main focus is being the best possible husband to my wife and greatest father to my son. When I'm at work, I focus on being the educator the world needs me to be. Wherever I'm at, focus is how I get through the day. 

Focus is how I am mentally present where I physically am. It keeps my attention to what's really important and helps me ignore the negativity. The plan has been, still is, and always will be to focus on being the person I'll forever be proud of. 

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