How To Tackle Mondays

Sometimes I get stressed out on Sunday evenings because the thought of Monday being right around the corner was overwhelming.  To me, Mondays symbolized the beginning of a week jam-packed with long hours, fatigue, paperwork, irate clients, and never-ending to-do lists.  It's something that I don't see people get excited about.

Some of my friends used to tell me that after Monday, the rest of the week was easier.  As much as I tried to adopt that mentality, every day of the week seemed challenging in their own unique ways.  Some days were busier than others.  Deadlines had to be met and they occur all throughout the week.

Just recently, Mondays hasn't seemed so different than the other days of the week.  I was busy every day; weekdays and weekends. Every day had its stressful moments (the weekdays had more of them), but there were also delightful parts that made each day worthwhile.

Whether I like it or not, Mondays are inevitable.  We spend 1/7th of our lives on a Monday.  Trying to defeat or eradicate Mondays would be a futile effort.  I just had to learn to accept it, but hack my mind to possess a positive attitude about it.

Mondays are unique.  They are the days I get to see my colleagues again after not seeing them for a couple days.  Asking them, "How was your weekend?" is always a good conversation starter.  Mondays are the days I set a weekly goal that I push myself to meet.  Being back at work gives me an opportunity to develop professionally.  I get to enhance my leadership skills and try fun ways to supercharge my productivity.  Another important point: Mondays are the days I get to least worry about Friday deadlines.

Maybe Mondays aren't so bad.  They're just another day that ends with a "y."

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