How a Simple Act of Kindness Made People Instantly Happier

This was an unexpected yet delightful surprise. A few days ago, I went to Target on the way home from a long day at work to buy outer space bed sheets for my little son. But due to the fact that it was sold out, I ended up just picking up a pack of gum.

For some reason, all the available cashiers had congested lines, so I stood in the line that looked like the shortest to me. I stood behind a middle-aged guy who had a semi-full cart. He turned around, looked at me, and in a Filipino American accent he asked, "Is that all you have?"

"Yeah," I replied caught off guard. 

"Go ahead."

"It's okay. I'm in no hurry."

"I insist. Go ahead. Please."

He then moved to the side and prompted me to go in front of him. Respecting his kind gesture, I went ahead.  

"Thank you," I gratefully responded. 

"No problem." 

That small act of kindness did brighten up my day a bit. As I waited for the person in front of me to finish her transaction, two teenage boys joined the back of the line,  They were only buying two shirts and some school supplies.

"Is that all you have? Go ahead," said the gentleman to the boys. Respectfully, they said thank you and  accepted the man's offer. Almost instantly, the man looked behind him and saw a woman holding a small basket of items. 

"Go ahead."

"Are you sure?" she asked. 

"Yes. No problem. I have plenty of time."

Like the two boys and me, she accepted the gentleman's offer with gratitude. 

Right after that, I paid for the gum and said, "Thanks again," before I left. Just like that, in the span of about 3 minutes, an ordinary stranger made the day a little happier to four people instantly with a simple act of kindness. 

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