Dear Friend,

Happy birthday! I want to wish you the absolute happiest birthday you've ever had.  Today, celebrate this milestone in this beautiful adventure we call life.
On this day...

I wish you happiness: pure and abundant joy.  May you live every single day overflowing with honest delight.  I wish you a lifetime of love, fabulous friendships, and the most sincere smiles.  This is what you irrefutably deserve.

I wish you bountiful success.  May you have the life you deeply desire.  In your family life, career path, and personal goals, I hope you achieve your deepest dreams.  Remember that you always have all my support.

I wish you a life of meaningful memories.  When we think back on our lives, everything is catalogued in wondrous moments.  With each passing day, may you build a precious portfolio of priceless memories to look back and be proud of.  As your friend, I can genuinely say that my memories with you are nostalgically wonderful.

Just remember, birthdays are good for you; the more you have, the longer you live.




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