A Glimpse at Huntington Beach

Labor Day. Monday, September 2, 2013. Huntington Beach. 2:22 PM. 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  The sun is coming out through the dissipating fog. It's been hot and humid, and finally it's getting better.  There is a cool breeze that keeps me peacefully comfortable.

Three college-aged guys on the left are playing music together. Two with a guitar, one with a mandolin, all singing something that Jack Johnson or Dave Matthews would sing. I can't decide whether to enjoy their music or tell them to stop because I can't hear the calming sounds of the waves.

To the left and right I see a streaming rainbow of umbrellas. Right in front I see a row of people standing on the shore waiting for the waves to come hit them. Around me families are setup in circles. They are sharing meals and shade. I hear baby laughter. It reminds me of how natural the beach is. 

Watching waves glide over the ocean and burst on the shore has a serene effect.  I can't figure out why, but then decide to stop questioning it and enjoy the raw beauty.

Each wave is unique, just like every single moment. There has never been another one before like it nor will there be another after.  I'm blessed to be right here right now to witness all this.

Life is good. It is now, as it always should be. 

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