Why the Unknown Future is More Exciting Than Scary

For most of the education world, Summer is the season of transition and change; especially August. College grads get their first teaching jobs, veteran teachers retiring, people moving, getting promoted, starting grad school, or switching careers.

This month I've had many friends making these significant life transitions. Many of them are dawning on new and exciting opportunities, not only in their careers, but also their lives. 

I am overwhelmingly excited for them. I envision nothing but bright futures ahead.

Change can be scary. I've had many significant life transitions myself in the last few years.  The thought of the unknown future holds the possibility of things going wrong.  Budget cuts, corporate downsizing, layoffs, and sudden illness can throw a devastating wrench in the gears. Anything could happen, even bad things.

On that thought, consider the alternative.  Anything could happen, especially great and extraordinary things.  With a positive attitude and enough determination, the chances of things to go terribly tragic will be slim.  Even if the road ahead does contain potholes, detours, and really bad traffic, having a positive outlook helps us manage through them.  Optimism guides us through the negativity and turns failures into life lessons.

The unknown future can be both exciting and scary, I choose to believe that it's overwhelmingly more exciting than scary. It's as exciting as we believe it to be.

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