What Every Teacher Wants To Tell Students on the First Day of Class

To All My Super Students,
This year, I have the absolute honor to be your teacher.  I am good at what I do, but I am even better at helping students achieve and succeed beyond their mental boundaries.  I believe that all of you can learn and achieve at high levels.  I have high expectations for you.  I expect excellence every day in every way.  I do not accept “ordinary.”  I do not cater to laziness.  I am an understanding person, but I do not accept excuses.  I want you to always be “extraordinary.”  I believe in what you can do, not what you “can’t” do.  I care enough about you to give you tough love when you need it.  I am relentlessly determined and committed to help you succeed, but you must put in the effort and meet me halfway.  I expect you to take charge and be responsible for your own education.  As much as I want you to succeed in school, I also want you to learn the knowledge, wisdom, and skills to live a good life.
Your Teacher

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