How Life is a Beach

  • It pays to be early (getting good a good parking space).
  • It's more fun with friends and family.
  • Come prepared (bring sunblock) or suffer the consequences (sunburns).
  • Sometimes the weather is great, sometimes it's not, it's beyond our control.  How you respond to it makes all the difference.
  • Playing is necessary.
  • Most of the time, the best way to get in the water (just like taking on any challenge) is to just jump right in.
  • Practicing patience (as in surfing or fishing) is important.
  • Focus on not letting the little things (like sand) make you upset.  It's not worth it; just enjoy the view.
  • Pay attention to the little things that may be hidden right in front of your face or under your feet.
  • There is beauty that can be seen from every angle.
  • The beach (just like life): there is absolutely nothing like it!

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