Dear Friend: Congratulations on Your Wedding!

Dear Friend,

Congratulations on entering the sacred union called marriage.  The wedding is the ceremonial event that starts it off with friends and family.  It's a symbol for love, companionship, and happiness.

Marriage is the union of two souls bonded by love.  It is the agreement that there is less of "me" and more of "us."  It's a selfless commitment to someone other than yourself.  Matrimony is choosing to accept someone in her/his entirety; not just all the good, but also all the accompanying flaws.  It's someone accepting you perfectly for your imperfect self. 

It's deciding to boldly face the years ahead together.  It's pulling each other through overwhelming obstacles and pushing each other forward when giving up is a temptation.  You two will grow together.  Marriage is being a committed companion for life.

I wish you and your partner what I like to call "a lifelong honeymoon."



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