What Happens at Night...

At nights I like to spend time thinking. Sometimes I reflect. At times it's serious, but most times it's not.  I often pause and ponder a future that could be so so bold and so daring. Night is when dreams come out to play.

Dreams are night stories. As the sun goes down, more fantasy arises. Thoughts play with fairy tales and reality at bedtime. We become knights, time travelers, royalty, and more.  We dance with monsters, talk to trees, and wear hats with cats.

Dreams unleash the power of our imaginations.  They are our uninhibited aspirations.  At bedtime children pray for their versions of a better world. Parents wish for a world where their children can thrive happily. 

When people dare to dream, they let their passions fly. Dreaming is when we choose to put logic to the side and envision what might possibly be.  We dream of doing what we've always wanted to do, be who we've always wanted to be, and realize who we truly are...

We are the dreamers.

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