The Importance of Recharging Our Metaphorical Batteries

We all have internal batteries.  We feel our own energy fluctuate throughout the day, depending on our current situation.  (Ask any parent of young kids, they'll agree.)  Overwhelming schedules, commutes in traffic, and massive to-do-lists can be physically and emotionally draining.  For me, my week feels like something like a roller coaster ride (the intense ups and downs) crossed with a massive road trip (an endurance challenge with a goal in mind).  The closer to Friday it gets, the more excited yet tired I am.  All of us, myself included, need time to rest and recuperate from the tedium of our daily lives.

Unfortunately, time off is a luxury not afforded to everyone, so I've considered myself very fortunate to have the last week and a half off from work.  I go back to the office next week, so I plan on enjoying the next few days away.

What I've found has been something like a slow surge of inner peace.  It's been cultivating and growing inside of me.  At first, I still found myself consumed with thoughts and concerns about work.  During the day, I've thought about what might be needed to get done.  I've been tempted to check my work email, but I haven't (so far).  Even though I've been able to sleep in, I woke up a couple of times thinking that I overslept and was late for work.  My mind and body just wasn't used to having free time.  Relaxing was an adjustment, a necessary one.  Luckily, as days went by, I was able to gradually destress, relax, and recharge my internal metaphorical batteries.  I feel renewed, able to be more present, and freely happy.  I have a feeling that next week I'm going to burst through the front door of the office more productive, happier, and more bold than ever before.

This is my wish for all of us: to be able to make time to recharge so we can truly enjoy what matters in our own lives.

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