Poet's Perspective (A Day Logged in Poetry)

This is an experiment I wanted to try.  What would happen if I wrote about my day one poem at a time?  How would I use words to capture the moment, how I felt during it, and what I thought about it.  It helped me realize that my day isn't as linear as I usually think it is.  During any given day, anything can happen.  What lies before you is unedited and as raw and honest as possible.  Enjoy the glimpse into my life.

I'm awake, I'm awake
woke up from a bad dream
Woke up to loud pipes
And now feeling groggy in bed. 

Cooking breakfast
Almost awake 
Waiting for coffee
Let the adventure begin. 

Warmth surrounding me
Off with the old
Ready for the new,
Feeling fresh;
My day seems pointless without a shower

Blueberry waffles with fresh ones on top
Toasted frozen waffles are okay,
but fresh blueberries make it so much better. 

Everything is better with coffee!
Breakfast, lunch, or no meal at all. 
A walk down the street, sitting at home, 
A book, a friend, or an endless task of chores;
Everything is better with coffee!

My idea of relaxing:
Home with my family,
watching TV together,
Sipping coffee,
While the little one plays with trains. 

Carrying my son around the living room while he pretends he to be flying, or Superman. 
Son, you can be whoever you imagine yourself to be. 

Grocery shopping again,
A necessary cycle for nourishment
Being healthy is a choice. 

Cooking lunch
Multitasking madness;
That is all. 

Time to unplug,
Some time for me,
Journal, book, coffee;
Just sit and let be. 

Words through my eyes
and into my head,
A mental vacation 
swimming through pages
of lost thoughts and dreams. 

Up from a nap
groggy, yet good
Now to catch up
with an hour less to go. 

Day's end
Almost ready for bed
Reflecting on what happened
and what to do tomorrow. 

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