How We Can Be Fireworks (thoughts from the 4th of July)

Right now in the United States, it is the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day. People celebrate by getting together with family and friends at home, at a park, or a special event. Usually, people add onto the celebration with fireworks.

There is something intriguing about fireworks that draws people's attention.  The show of multicolored explosions.  Almost every time I see fireworks, it makes me think of Katy Perry's hit song. 

It's a song about celebrating our inner light and beauty. We are fireworks. We can be both powerful and fascinating. We can be loud if we need to be. We can also make people happy. 

Watching fireworks tonight gave me some time to reflect. Inside me (and all of us) is a firecracker waiting to burst with awesomeness. No one should hide her or his courage, love, or human potential. We should never hide who we are.  We are undeniably awesome and should always let it show.

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