How To Not Give Up

"For me, giving up is way harder than trying."
- Kanye West

Sometimes I feel like giving up.  At times, I get frustrated with setting goals and not reaching them.  Trying (or at least trying to try) gets frustrating.  Life gets hard.  Sometimes it's easy, but not always.  There are no quick fixes in life, it must be constantly managed.  Trying to put my best foot forward with a positive attitude every day can get really exhausting.  On those bad days, I feel ready to give up.  I'm eager to stop trying and quit.

But there is something inside me that prevents me from completely quitting.  It's both an inner voice and a feeling that pushes me.  It might be my conscience.  It might be the subconscious part of my brain reaching out for survival.  This voice tells me to keep going.  It says that I'll forever regret it if I surrender to fear and fatigue.  This inner voice/feeling is my saving grace.  It speaks to me every day, I just need to listen more.

I've come to realize that feeling like giving up is unavoidable.  It's actually a good time to pause, reflect on why I feel like that, and move on.

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