Why the Kitchen is the Heart of a Home

A couple of weeks ago, my family and I ventured through IKEA to find furniture and decorations for our new home.  We were looking for anything that might save space, help our home look fancier, or just make our lives easier.

Section by section, we explored the model showrooms.  I wanted to see how their designers made really aesthetically pleasing and functional living spaces using their inventory.  Through our endeavor, we ended up getting picture frame shelves, a wine rack, a plastic bag container/dispenser, a list of items we plan on getting for our son's room, and some kitchen accessories.

Shopping there reminded me that there is nothing like being at home.  It's our safety zone, our hub of comfort, a place to relax and feel ourselves.  If my home was a living being, I'd say that its heart lies in the kitchen.

The kitchen is where meals are made.  It's the room that provides physical and nutritional nourishment.  It's the central point where our family regularly shares a meal together.  It's where traditions are passed down.  It's where a lot of memories are made (think holidays).   

So as we strolled through IKEA, I paid special attention to the kitchen showrooms.  I liked imagining what it would be like to have those kitchens in my own house.  I imagined my wife and I preparing meals together as our son played nearby.  Even though we didn't buy a whole new kitchen, (I imagine that would cost a pretty penny), we did buy a few items to help organize the kitchen while simultaneously making it look newer.  Our kitchen may not be an IKEA kitchen, but it doesn't need to be; it is the heart of our home.

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