Why Does My Kid Love Grass So Much?

I don't know what it is about grass that my one year old son absolutely loves. Every time we walk anywhere, he excitedly walks off the sidewalk to walk, jump, or simply stand on the grass. It's as of the grass has a magnetic pull on him. Sometimes this silly kid even dances on it; other times he just likes the feeling of his feet on it. This left me pondering.

Maybe we as human beings innately need a connection to nature. As our world becomes more industrialized and digital, we have been getting less opportunities to be out in the sunshine and enjoy the natural world. This is possibly why people  go camping in the forest, swim at the beach,  and hike up a mountain for recreation. 

Maybe that's why my little one loves digging his feet (and sometimes hands) into the Earth's green carpet. I don't know for sure, but each time he plays is a beautiful reminder to me to pause and enjoy nature. 

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