How Healthy Eating Can Be Contagious

Like all parents, my wife and I wanted to give our one year old son the best start in life possible. When my wife was pregnant with him, she ate healthy, we read baby books, and even took an infant care class. We baby-proofed our home. I even practiced changing a diaper on a teddy bear. We bought every contraption and gadget that we thought we needed or would make our lives easier (we knew parenting would be hard no matter what).

Now a little over a year later, we still want the absolute best for our kid.  Right now, we have a twenty month old son who is currently running, climbing, and bouncing nonstop.  On top of that, since he is a fast growing little sprout, he is also eating nonstop. 

For the past twenty months, we've been making sure he eats as healthy as possible.  As a newborn, he wasn't formula fed.  We made our own baby food from fresh fruits and vegetables every day.  (It was actually quite laborious, but it was fun for me.)  When he did eat baby food from a jar (which was quite rare), we made sure that it was organic and didn't have a long list of preservatives or unknown chemicals on the label.  Now to enhance his potential of living a healthy and happy life, we made sure that we feed him the healthiest food we can afford.

That means that we feed him as much fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal as possible.  In doing so, we consciously avoid frozen and canned food.  Even though we still depend on them, we try to consume as less of them as possible.  Our son hasn't eaten any fast food or tasted a sip of soda.  If something comes in whole grain (pasta, bread, pizza dough, crackers, etc.), we get it in whole grain. 

I don't want to be a hypocrite, so I lead by example and do as I say to my son.  If I want him to eat healthy, I have to eat healthy myself.  It would be unethical for me to tell him to not eat fast food while I myself was chowing down on a Big Mac.  So as a result, the whole family has been eating pretty healthy.  This is actually the healthiest period of time I've ever had. 

Another cool unexpected surprise is that my son absolutely loves eating fresh food. He doesn't seem to stop eating strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, roasted zucchini, or freshly made omelets.  Sometimes when we're short on time and resources, we've had to resort to using frozen vegetables, but he doesn't like it that much.  There is something about the flavor or texture that he doesn't enjoy as much as something straight from the market. 

Hopefully his love for fresh and healthy food lasts as long as possible.

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