How Art Walks are Inspiring

I love art walks.  That's actually an understatement: I absolutely love art walks!  They're a unique opportunity to stroll around an arts community and be amazed with different artists' creativity and skills.  The combination of walking through various art galleries, accompanied with music, food, and good company is a recipe for a great experience.  Best of all, they're FREE.

Last night I went with family and friends to the Downtown Fullerton Art Walk.  It's held on the first Friday of every month.  I myself was inspired by all the art that I saw and the passionate talent of the artists.  There was a visual artist who donated all of the proceeds from her paintings to charity.  There was a studio who made vintage look really classy.  I saw photography that showed life from various angles (as all photography does).  Even looking at tattoo designs was an artistic experience.  Everywhere we looked, I saw creativity in the photographs, paintings, sculpture, and even the culinary art (also known as free cupcakes). 

Being in that environment made me want to bring out more in me.  It showed me that I barely started to touch the potential of my creativity.  Creativity doesn't mean making something different; it's creating something as original and authentic as possible.  It's spawned by thoughts, emotions, ideas, and real life experiences.  Walking though downtown made me want to create more beautiful art; it also helped me see life as a little more beautiful itself.

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