Why Today and Every Day That Isn't Mother's Day Matters More Than Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2013 has already come and passed.  It's now a memory of the past to everyone who took part in the annual phone calling, gift giving, flower sending, and crowded dining holiday in honor of mothers.  It's a day that we show appreciation to the women who not just gave birth to us, but also sacrificed themselves in a way that gave us a part of who we are.

I myself have taken part in the commercialism of Mother's Day.  Over the years I've made my mom hand made gifts, bought cards, and taken her to what I like to call "restaurant riots."  I remember one year waiting with my parents for two hours outside of Olive Garden just to get seated.  It was so hot and crowded that the restaurant put up tents and drink dispensers outside for the waiting crowd.  All this was just to show my mom how much I love her.  Being in a sardine can of a restaurant waiting area isn't the ideal way my mom wants to spend her day, so in recent years, we've called in our order at a restaurant, pick it up, and have it at home with the family.

Now it's about 364 days until Mother's Day 2014.  I know that I don't have any Mother's Day obligations for a while, but no one should really have to wait until Mother's Day to show how much a person loves her or his mom.  Mother's Day should be every day in the way that people honor their moms for all that they've taught and given us.  This is really how we show our moms how thankful we are.  We don't need to buy cards, flowers, or take our moms to fancy restaurants every day to show that we are thankful, just love them in our own special ways. 

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