Why I'm Motivated Whenever My Son "Walks in Daddy's Shoes"

One of the new things that my 19 month old son loves doing is putting on my shoes and walking around the living room with them on. He has been doing surprisingly well since I have size 12 shoes and both his legs could probably fit in one shoe. I know he enjoys imitating his mother and me, and it melts my heart every time he does something to be like daddy.  His imitation of me is cute, adorable, and the greatest honor I'll ever have.

I know that besides his mother, I'm his primary role model. This is a responsibility that I take very seriously. Both directly and indirectly, I'm teaching him proper human behavior, manners, what manliness means, and how to be a gentleman. I know he absorbs every little thing I do. He observes my daily routines. He watches how I interact with everyone, especially his mom. This is where I have to step up to the plate and continuously be on my A-game. 

If I want him to have a utility belt of virtues and good habits, I have to plant the seeds by starting with myself. All and every single one of my thoughts, actions, words, and conscious inaction sets the foundation for his development. Even if I've been hurt or wronged in the past, I can't let it seep through and taint my son's growth. 

I love my son very dearly and being the most exemplary role model for him is the best way I know how to be a dad. 

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