How Every Book is a TARDIS

The TARDIS from Doctor Who.
In the last few months, I've been becoming more and more of a Dr. Who fan.  It's a science fiction story of stories about an alien who calls himself "The Doctor."  He travels through time and space in the TARDIS with a revolving cast of companions to give a human element to the show.  There must be something special about a show that has been on television for 50 years. 

In the show, the Doctor uses the TARDIS to visit various places in history and anywhere in the universe.  The doctor can visit the American wild west, Ancient Rome, or visit Vincent Van Gogh during his early years.  He can also visit planets with alien civilizations with their own distinct histories, cultures, and traditions.  Throughout his adventures he saves planets, dissolves interplanetary conflict, and much more.  In my opinion, the endless possibilities of stories are what make the show interesting to its multitude of fans. 

Whenever I walk through a bookstore, I feel like the Doctor.  Going through the aisles makes me feel like I'm walking past different worlds of all different time periods.  Each book is a TARDIS that can transport me anywhere and anytime I want to be.  Each book can contain an adventure, information that has been hidden away, and people waiting to meet me. 

I can pick up a fantasy book be swept away from the present. I can enroll at Hogwarts, take a walking tour of Middle Earth, or dine with the kings of Westeros.  I can fly with Peter Pan and spend a week with the Lost Boys at Neverland or be a character in any of the Grimm's fairy tales.

In the fiction aisles, I can pick up a book and really be anywhere.  I can be in the courtroom when Atticus Finch defends Tom Robinson.  I can be traveling down the river with Huckleberry Finn or take a class in religious symbology from Robert Langford. 

The travel section has books of all fascinating parts of the world.  I can dive into far away destinations such as Costa Rica, Nigeria, or the Philippines.  I've always wanted to pick up a travel journal and visit an interesting destination vividly described through someone else's experience.

The nonfiction section of the bookstore can take me on a tour through history.  I can experience the American Civil Rights Movement, the Renaissance period of art, and explore the medieval times.  I can have a coffee conversation with Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates.  I can learn the histories of real people and how they've influenced the present. 

In my own nerdy way, walking through a bookstore contains the limitless possibilities that the Doctor and his companions get to do in every episode.

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