Happy Mother's Day to a Magnificent Mom!

To My Dear Wife,

I want to let you know that you are an amazing mother. I see it every single day. It's obvious in the way our son looks at you when he plays with you and when he misses you. You are the star of his universe (and mine too).

I know that you've sacrificed a lot and you still do every day. You always put our son's needs, happiness, and well-being first. It doesn't go unrecognized. Enduring gracefully all the days without showers, sleepless nights, and times where you feel too tired to do anything but still do are just some ways you show how much of a loving mother you are. As hard as it is, you still make it look easy. I appreciate all that you do and sacrifice for us; I know that our son also appreciates it all and will be more and more thankful as he grows up.

I know that sometimes you doubt your mothering abilities, I want you to remember that you are perfectly imperfect. No matter what, you will always be the best mother for our son.

You are a marvelous mother. Happy Mother's Day!


Your Loving Husband

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