Becoming t|here (by Sarah Lower)

"I am the space where I am." - Noël Arnaud

I've passed through hallways and corridors, dwelt within doorways and made my place amongst the weeds and forgotten relics between this house and the next.  I've counted water spots strewn across ceilings, waited within paint-chipped windowsills and studied walls adorned by the unexpected glow of the falling afternoon sun.  I remember most vividly the longest hallway of my first home; walls clothed in unsightly wallpaper, daunting in their constant darkness, nevertheless, a comfort to simply sit between.

We intimately navigate these mundane spaces with both wonder and strain.  Each passage is particularly maneuvered revealing the calculation of each step.  We are careful to avoid marring the walls, failing to consider the ways in which these walls have marred us, made their impression upon us & formed the person who stands between them.  As I close my eyes and retrace these spaces I am reminded of who I once was within them, as well as who I've become between there and here.

I am the space where I am.


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