Why Do People Love Babies?

It's been my experience that people absolutely love little babies.  It's a universal human phenomenon that has perturbed me.  I started finding clues to the puzzle when I had a baby boy of my own a little more than a year ago.  When my son was born, flocks of family and friends came to visit.  They came so frequently as if they commuted by conveyor belt. 

People were obsessed with every little thing about him.  As a newborn, people were drawn to the simple things he did like open his eyes or make some kind of noise.  Every movement was a milestone that warranted everyone's attention.  Not only that, people were obsessed with holding him.  They stood in line like he was the greatest wonder on the planet (he really is though).

When we would go on outings to the grocery store, the mall, or any public place, people would tell my wife and me how utterly adorable our son was.  (It still happens.)  He has always been the scene stealer.  Everyone's attention seems to almost always gravitate towards him.  He doesn't even try, he just his his natural curious, playful, and silly self.  (I must admit, at home, he loves getting the attention of my wife and I, but he is super shy in public.)

It amazes me to see how much people babies.  As more and more of my friends enter the realm of parenthood I see the same trend happen with their kids.  They truly are remarkable little beings.

I could be totally wrong, but I believe that babies pose a powerful symbol.  They represent hope.  They symbolize life and new beginnings.  When people look at them, they see pure untainted innocence; the unspoiled goodness that resides in all of us. 

Maybe we are biologically hard wired to care for the younger generation.  It helps ensure the survival of the species.  It also doesn't hurt that babies are so undeniably cute.

Babies are a subtle reminder that life goes on.  Seeing a baby reminds us that there is a next generation that will lead the Earth, even if we won't be here to see all of it. 

Babies represent all of what is good in humanity while simultaneously bring out the good in all of us.


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