The Importance and Value of Time Alone

Time to oneself is never a waste.  Time to think is time to reflect on life: the day, multiple choices, ideas, interactions, and decisions made and forever done.  Time to medicate allows the stress and weight of the day melt away.  This is the time to sift through thoughts: to let go of dis-empowering ideas and hold onto what houses hope.

This is the opportunity to be free from disorderly distractions.  Time alone is time to be totally oneself without emotional reservation or psychological hesitation.  It practices inner and outer peace.

This is purely time for rest.  It gives bones and muscles an opportunity to rejuvenate.  It helps maintain happiness.

Time to sit and look outside is an opportunity to reconnect with nature.  Its value is immeasurable; a treasure of the human heart.

It may not look like it, but it's a complex rejuvenating process that more and more people need to understand.

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