The Battles in My Mind

There are three demons haunting my mind.

Fear is paralyzing me.  It's keeping me in the "safe zone." It keeps me from trying or wanting more for myself.  It tells me to be suspicious of what others think.  It makes me over-analyze every interaction and every word spoken to me.  Fear terrorizes me and makes me a prisoner within my own mind.

Anger bullies me from time to time.  It's like it wants to keep me away from happiness.  It prevents me from connecting with other human beings.  It's a cancer that poisons my bloodstream with nasty thoughts.  Anger clouds my judgment and puts myself and everyone around me in harm's way.

Doubt likes to be a saboteur.  It trips up my plans, goals, and largest dreams.  Doubt likes to play games with my confidence.  It is arguably the most mischievous of the demons; it plays with my hopes and fears like marionettes. 

Luckily the angels in my mind are fighting for my sanity and soul. 

Hope puts Fear in its place.  It pins Fear down with its bare hands.  Hope tells me to keep going and hold on for a moment longer.  It believes in possibility.  It believes in the goodness of the world.  It believes in justice and wild dreams of the imagination.

Love scares Anger away.  It doesn't even have to fight it.  Love's mere presence flushes out Anger in a flurry.  Love keeps Anger and all its friends away.  It is arguably the most powerful force known to humankind.  It brings people together, offers them safety and comfort.  Love brings friendship and companionship to otherwise a very lonely world.

Faith tells me to "trust me."  It tells me that everything will get better, even if the outlook doesn't look like it. Faith is the most misunderstood of all the angels.  Faith is the reason why people believe in everything and anything.

Sometimes the demons win, but fortunately most times they don't.  Other times they have the upper hand, but the angels are ALWAYS strong enough to win. 

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