How a Dirty Windshield Reminded Me the Importance of Maintaining a Clear Perspective

This may sound ridiculous, but this is actually serious.  For the longest time I didn't clean the windshield of my car.  I don't even remember how long ago I last cleaned it (maybe a month or two).  It has been so long that the glass had a protective layer of dirt.  I didn't think anything of it since I was still able to see enough to drive.  I really should have cleaned it much earlier; it probably was a huge safety hazard.

The other day I finally cleaned wiped the windshield with the gas station squeegee while I was filling up on gas.  When I sat back inside the driver's seat, the view was remarkable.  The view was drastically different without the dust coating.  It was like I had a brand new windshield.  As I drove out of the gas station parking lot, I felt like it was a new day with a new car.

This gave me a wake up call not just about driving, but life in general.

The world is how I see it.  It's only as clear to me as my perspective.  Driving, I could only see as well as how clean my windshield was.  The dirtier it was, the more tainted my perspective was.  By neglecting my windshield for so long, I didn't even notice how dirty it was or how impaired my vision was.  In order to truly see what's in front of me (both in driving and seeing everything with my own eyes), I need to make sure that my lens is as clean as possible.  I also need to regularly clean my lens to help ensure I have a clear perspective.  By doing so, I am able to focus on what really matters.   

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