Dear Friend: "Love is on the Way"

Dear Friend,

I know that you've been practicing a lot of patience.  You've got your career going, live a wonderful day to day life, but I know that you really want someone to love.

It's been on your mind most nights (and I'm assuming most days), but I really want you to know that you shouldn't worry.  Love is on its way, really.

You dont' know it, but it is.  Love is like lightning cause where and when it strikes is pretty unpredictable.  It's also more mysterious and suspenseful than the best written plots.  One really doesn't know it happens until it happens or understand how it happens.  Love simply just happens.

A lot of people say that love happens when you least expect it.  I think that's partially true.  I've seen people find love to people who expect it and don't.  I believe that to find love, people need to have their hearts open to receive it.  People can't find what they don't know they're looking for. 

Sometimes people find their betrothed early in life.  Others meet theirs later in college, graduate school, during their career, or some serendipitous interaction in between.  Some people I know met their husband or wife earlier in life and didn't start dating until much later.  It's different for everyone.  No one ever really knows when it's their time.

There is a piece of advice that I remember Greg Behrendt saying on TV years ago.  He said that dating should come with a warning label because every relationship isn't going to work until a you find the right one.  Realizing that was an empowering moment for me. 

Love hit me like a typhoon in the desert.  I didn't expect it; I hoped for it, and it still came.  Ever since then every day has been jam packed with enlightening moments, beautiful memories, and more that I can merely describe.  That is what is waiting for you too my friend.

Always remember that you have all my support in this roller coaster of an adventure we call life.



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