Why We're Never "Lost"

“Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one.”
- Battlestar Galactica
“Someone to Watch Over Me” (2009)
Being late is one of my big pet peeves.  It could be for anything, work, appointments, or dinner with friends, running in late doesn’t do so well for me.  So whenever I go anywhere new, I usually leave much earlier than I’m supposed to so that in case I get lost, I can still make it there on time.
Last weekend I had an important meeting in Apple Valley, which is really far from where I live.  It's a little more than a 50 mile (80.47 km) trip just to get there.  I had to take the Interstate 15 North freeway for about 39 miles and then go east on CA State Route 18.  The building where my meeting was supposed to take place was somewhere on that road.  According to the directions, it was supposed to take 50 minutes to get there, but just to be safe I gave myself a little more than an hour.
I normally don't go towards that part of town, so most of the trip was a foreign adventure to me.  I saw a lot of desert land and a lot of empty space.  There were some moments on the drive that I thought I missed a freeway exit. When I finally exited the freeway, my directions and what I saw in front of me didn't match up.  The street names on my map were different from the street signs. So I did what I thought was the best idea; I used my internal compass to make my best guess on where to go. 
Fortunately I wasn't lost after all.  I made it right on time to my meeting.  The whole time I was on the right road headed in the right direction, and I didn't know it. 
For the past week, I've been thinking about my little incident of "luck."  It can be a metaphor for pretty much every goal in life.  We're always heading towards a direction whether it's intended or not, even if it's in unfamiliar territory.  The directions may be misleading or the signs may be unclear, but where we end up isn't an accident. 
We're always where we need to be in order to get where we're meant to go.

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