Dear Friends: "Welcome to Parenthood!"

Dear Friends,
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy! Get ready for a roller coaster ride full of dirty diapers, teething, and precious memories.  For my wife and me, our son has been bringing us immense amounts of joy and I’m excited to see your son bring the same happiness to you both.
You might already know this, but parenthood really changes EVERYTHING.  It’s amazing to see how one little baby changes every parent’s priorities and lifestyle.  Every decision from now on will be made with the baby in mind.  Before my family and I go anywhere, we have to check if that place is baby friendly.  When we go out to eat, we check to make sure that the restaurant’s restrooms have a changing table. 
Everything now revolves around the baby.  Sometimes I feel like my son is in charge.  He tells us when we can and can’t sleep.  He determines if we are on time or late to church or anywhere really.  His toys have slowly taken over the living room.  Whenever we go on trips, we’ve had to stuff the car with the stroller, diaper bag, food for the baby, extra clothes, and (if it fits) our stuff.  When we go shopping, usually it’s for baby clothes, diapers, wipes, or baby food.
Priorities change, and it’s perfectly fine.  I used love buying the fancier fashion at Express, but now I’m totally fine with buying clothes at Target so I can save more money for my family.  Before my family, my ideal car was a sports car (Toyota Celica GTS), but now a van or a wagon sedan look pretty appealing.
Having a baby really is the most selfless act anyone can do. 
As parents give our time, effort, money and anything else we can give to not only give our kids the highest quality of life possible, but also happiest lives possible.
Congrats again and welcome to the club!


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