3 Things About Hope Everyone Should Know

If I could say three absolute truths about hope, this is what I would say:

Hope is steadily stubborn. It is that feeling that refuses to die on the inside, no matter how much I want to give up. It'll shrink, it may fade, but it'll always be there. At my toughest and darkest times, it's that inner voice that tells me to hold on just for a little bit longer.

Hope is irrevocably irrational. It tells me,"Yes!" when everything and everyone else says, "No." It tells me there is possibility in the face of dooming logic. When I think that something about my future is inevitably tragic, hope acts as my rebellious conscience and tells me to ignore the negativity and trust my heart.

Hope is always available. It doesn't cost any money nor needs to be manufactured. All it takes is the choice to let go of pain, anger, and fear and then decide to have a better attitude. Anyone anywhere at any time can access hope. In my experience so far, hope has always been my friend, therapist, and emotional paramedic through all my growing pains.

The tool for transformation and power for positivity is this thing called hope.

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