Why I See Myself in Everyone

I know I'm my own individual person.  There is absolutely no one else in this world like me.  Even though I'm one in infinity, I see a piece of me in everyone.

Whenever I get irritated, angry, or frustrated with someone, it's really easy to react by saying something regrettable or imagining the other person's head imploding.  Instead of reacting in a negative way, I draw a connection between us. For whichever reason it may be: someone being ignorant, inconsiderate, or purposely hurtful, I think back to a time I was that way.  There have been times in my past that I have been hurtful, whether it was on purpose or not.  Doing this helps me put myself in other people's shoes.  Instead of being angry at them, I become more understanding and find a proactive way to deal with the situation.

If I come across people who need help, I try to think back of times when I needed help.  When my students need my assistance, I think back to the times in high school I struggled in Chemistry or in college when I got kicked in the groin by College Algebra.  I succeeded due to my persistence, determination, and the fact that other people helped me. 

I am always inspired by people who accomplished great feats.  Somehow they make me believe that what they have done is possible for me too.  I aspire to inspire people like President Barack Obama, write like Maya Angelou, be creative as Thomas Edison, have the temperament of Jackie Robinson, and the generosity of Warren Buffett.  I see a little bit of myself in them, and I believe it makes me a better person.

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